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       Wheelie Bin Cleaning is a huge growth business.

               Green Cleen, The Wheelie Bin Cleaners
       are seeking Franchisees & Master Franchisees 
        for our highly succesful franchise throughout
                        Australia and New Zealand.

Green Cleen offers an outstanding wheelie bin cleaning franchise that is unique in its approach. Green Cleen was formed to take full advantage of the substantial opportunities to earn money from the cleaning of domestic and commercial wheelie bins following their introduction throughout the World, including Australia.

Wheelie bins have become the accepted medium for the storage of our waste prior to collection by the waste contractor. With this acceptance we have seen the phenomenal growth in the number of wheelie bins out in the market place – both domestic and commercial. In fact most homes now have a minimum of 2 wheelie bins!

Green Cleen provides a professional wheelie bin cleaning service to the market place and as part of our cleaning process we use our specially formulated sanitiser/ doedoriser that contains a special penetrating agent that is absorbed into the plastic of the wheelie bin to attack and kill the bacteria that is causing the offensive odour.

The Green Cleen service is booked by hundreds of domestic and commercial customers in every area that our franchisees start.


Perhaps the most important factor to consider when purchasing your bin cleaning franchise  is the bin cleaning equipment.
Why - because it should do all the work for you and be as productive as possible. Bin cleaning is a numbers game. The more you clean – the more you make (PROFITS!)


Here are some points for you to consider when choosing your bin cleaning equipment and deciding to become involved in the bin cleaning industry.

Does the equipment clean both domestic and commercial bins of all sizes or just domestic bins?

Many of the bin cleaning units available in the market do not allow the operator to clean commercial bins of all sizes – why if you are serious about being involved in the bin cleaning industry restrict yourself to just domestic bins in your area? Green Cleen’s equipment allows you to clean bins of all sizes allowing you to the opportunity to capture as much of the market as possible in your area and of course the profits to go with it!

Does the equipment lift the bins onto the back of the vehicle or trailer?  Or do you have to do it?

Repetitive lifting of the bins is physically demanding on the body and increases the risk of injury to the operator. The Green Cleen Duplex Bin Cleaning Equipment requires no manual lifting. All our lifting is done by our hydraulic lifter – just like the garbage trucks do.

On an average day a franchisee can be cleaning, up to or over 100 bins per day. The toll on the body if you are repetitively lifting 100 bins per day, with each bin weighing 13.5kgs, the weight of a 240 litre bin, would be horrendous. This equates to 1350 kilos, or 1.35 tonne! Not forgetting that at the end of the day this is only the half of it – if you have lifted bins onto the equipment you then must lift them back down. At the end of an average day you have lifted 2.7 TONNE!!!

The Green Cleen franchisee lifts NOTHING. The Green Cleen franchisee works smarter not harder and looks after his/her most precious asset - their body.

The Green Cleen, Australian manufactured, Duplex bin cleaning equipment has been designed, tried and tested to reduce the significant risks involved with continual manual handling.  The hydraulic lifting is constructed and maintained to be, workable, safe and without risk to the health and safety of the operator/franchisee. Ten years of proven success in the market place with our equipment assures the Green Cleen franchisee of its reliability and productivity.

How many bins can the equipment clean simultaneously?

The Green Cleen Duplex bin cleaning equipment is the most productive with the ability to service both domestic and commercial bins. The Green Cleen Duplex  bin cleaning equipment is highly productive being able to clean, sanitise and deodorise any two size bins up to 240 litre size simultaneously. The Duplex bin cleaning equipment will also lift and clean commercial bins – sizes 660 litre up to the large1100 litre bin.

Does the equipment have to be towed or does it fit onto the back of a ute or similar vehicle?

The Green Cleen Duplex bin cleaning equipment is “ute” mounted and is highly manoeuvrable, just like driving a normal car, eliminating the necessity of maneuvring both vehicle and trailer or larger less maneuvrable and costly vehicle. The streets are now busier than ever and knowing that with the Green Cleen equipment fitting neatly onto the back of a ute, driving and parking in our metropolitan streets is much easier than other options.

Have you given thought to “parking” when you stop to clean the bins?

Another major benefit of our “ute” mounted mobile bin cleaning equipment is that we can easily comply with Road Rule No. 189. Double parking.
(1) A driver must not stop on a road:
(a) if the road is a two-way road – between the centre of the road and another vehicle that is parked at the side of the road; or
(b) if the road is a one-way road – between the far side of the road and another vehicle that is parked at the side of the road.

 “Do not Double Park. You cannot stop on the road next to other parked cars (even if you have your hazard lights on) unless you are about to park your vehicle”.

 This is for traffic flow and safety.  A must in our busy city streets.  The penalty for this offence is $179.  With our equipment being “ute” mounted we easily fit into an ordinary car space, eliminating the need to Double Park.

Who are we looking for to become franchisees?

If you are serious about the bin cleaning business and understand that we provide the best equipment in the market in terms of productivity, profitability and usability, then we would like to talk to you about the potential of being a Green Cleen franchisee. Our goal is to make sure you have the best equipment available to grow your business in this untapped market.

Franchising allows you the opportunity of owning your own business. Green Cleen is a proven business model with all the critical support and systems in place.

As a Green Cleen Franchisee you are able to use the name and proven systems of an established successful business so that you can capitalise on this existing successful brand. Green Cleen has been able to stand out from its competitors by building a distinct brand.

Being a Green Cleen Franchisee you will have help with planning, implementation, marketing and operations for the duration of your franchise.

We believe ourselves to be the most professional in the business in terms of equipment, our systems and procedures and the resulting income earning potential. We can clean all size bins. We invite you to come to see us for a no obligation demonstration of our bin cleaning equipment.


Call our office today on 1300 550 523 if you would like us to send you an information pack or you can request one to be sent to you via our contact us link.

" We always believed that  bin cleaning had enormous potential and we haven't been disappointed since we launched.  In this short time we have seen the potential of bin cleaning being a profitable and worthwhile business venture.
Our goal had always been to secure another area, and we just have!  We didn't think we would be able to so early into a new business venture.  We are extremely pleased with our decision to choose Green Cleen as our preferred franchise partner".

B. Holloway - Mosman

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