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BIN CLEANING - Commercial Services

Commercial Services
Commercial Services
Commercial Services
Commercial Services



Don't be fooled by our name - we clean all size bins including the metal industrial bins.

The most typical size bins found in the Commercial market place are pictured over on the left hand side of this page. If you don't see it there please call us or send us an email enquiry about the type and size of bins you require cleaning. We are yet to come across a bin we can't clean.

If you have any bin/waste challenges phone us on 1300 550 523 - we are here to help you. We have the solutions to all your bin cleaning challenges such as smelly odours in bin bay areas, smelly odours in garbage chutes, schedules for maintaining the hygiene levels in your garbage bay areas, what cleaning products to use if you feel you have to clean the bins yourself( we believe our products are far superior) to name but a few. Call us with your challenge today on 1300 550 523.

Please read thru the following information. It applies to all Commercial Businesses and Strata Management Companies. We believe it to be of high importance and hope that you and your Organisation will work towards ensuring that you comply with all the regulations. Our Environment deserves it!!

Commercial - Small to Medium Size Business

It is illegal to allow the waste water from the cleaning of bins to enter into our stormwater system. So hosing out your bin and allowing the waste water to go down into a stormwater drain is illegal. This is probably one of the biggest challenges facing the typical business today. There is no where to clean the bin(s). Realistically do you even want to? Green Cleen provides a professional, cost effective and environmentally responsible service for you to use. We even recycle our water, so we save thousands of litres of water from being wasted every day. Even if you choose to hose out the bins yourself, you are wasting so much water! Read our pdf named "Green Cleen Do you Comply" Click here to view pdf. We know it will have you thinking "hmmm well no, we really don't comply and we didn't know what the regulations were".

Commercial - Large multi level Office Blocks

The same information above applies to you except on a much larger scale. The more bins that you may choose to hose out the larger the volumes of water you waste!!

Call us for competitive quote for all your bin cleaning needs. We can solve all your bin hygiene and bin bay hygiene issues. Let us help you make your bin bay areas a safe place you are glad to visit rather than the dangers you face from smelly odour ridden bin bay areas. Read our pdf named "Green Cleen Are you tired of dirty smelly bins". Click here to view pdf.

Remember we are here to help you. We have over 11 years experience in the bin cleaning industry and over 25 years experience in the cleaning industry. We know inside out the challenges you face. Call us today on 1300 550 523.


The days of "Out of sight, out of mind are over"!! Your Organisation has a Legal Duty of Care to ensure the health, safety, and well being of all employees, visitors, contractors, and residents whilst are on your premises, are SAFE.

It is your responsibility to ensure that all reasonable measures have been taken to control risks against possible injuries or ILLNESSES arising from your premises.

There is also an obligation on suppliers to ensure that their products/services do not pose a risk to health and safety when properly used as well as to provide information on the correct use and potential hazards associated with the use of their products/services. Green Cleen is fully professional and compliant with all the relevant authorities. Don't risk using unqualified operators.

There is a general obligation on you to take care of others and cooperate with employees in matters of health and safety so far as is necessary to enable compliance with the OHS ACT 2000 and OHS Regulation 2001. (Section 20, OHS ACT 2000).

Green Cleen is audited on a yearly basis by Trades Monitors to ensure all our insurances and work methods are current and up to date giving you complete peace of mind in knowing that when a Green Cleen Operator visits your site(s) they work in a professional and safe work manner minimising any potential work place accidents or incidents.


The Strata Manager/Facilities Manager, Property Manager has a duty of care to ensure that all service providers that are engaged to conduct work through the Work Orders they issue, do so meeting all statutory regulations.

In relation to bin cleaning it is a Strata/Facilities/Property Managers responsibility to ensure that the cleaners they engage to clean the bins do so in an environmentally responsible way.

They must know with absolute certainty that the waste water from the cleaning of the bins is not going down a stormwater drain. It is not enough to engage a contractor to clean the bins without knowing of the exact methods the contractor will use to deal with the waste water issue. Incorrect procedures can lead to both the contractor and the instructing Manager/Company being fined if caught.

It is extremely disappointing to see so many cleaners just hosing out the bins and allowing the waste water to go down the drain. Just because the bins are cleaned in an area not visible to the Public, it does not give anyone the right to clean the bins illegally. Please consider our beautiful waterways and the stormwater pollution being emptied into them through incorrect bin cleaning methods.

We challenge all Strata/Facilities/Property Managers to exercise their duty of care and make 100% certain that the Contractors that they engage to clean the bins do so in a legal and environmentally responsible way.

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