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 Please take your time to read our News section - we hope you find it interesting and informative and if you have any comments for us please submit them through our "Contact Us" section.

                               Green Cleen launch into Norway

In May 2010 Green Cleen became the first wheelie bin cleaning service to operate in Norway. The new franchisees are two brothers who are originally from the UK, Darren and Bradley Tyler. Having seen the system working in the UK, Darren and Bradley saw a huge potential for the business in Norway as there was no one else there offering a professional wheelie bin cleaning service. Since starting in May the guy's have already secured a contract washing all of the bins for the largest waste contractor in the south of Norway and are currently in negotiations with other large waste collection companies.

To visit the Green Cleen Norway (Norge) website go to www.greencleennorge.no


                          GREEEN CLEEN HUNTER NOW UP AND RUNNING

Green Cleen Hunter is now servicing  all of the Hunter Region including Newcastle and all surrounding suburbs. Ray and Lyn Smith are our latest additions to the Green Cleen Team and they are ready to be of service to all in the Area. To book your bin in to be cleaned call 1300 550 523.


                                    STATIC BIN CLEANING EQUIPMENT


As well as building market leading, vehicle mounted, mobile bin washing equipment, Green Cleen also build a static version of our "Bin Washer" which is fitted to a steel frame. Green Cleen have built two "Static Bin Washers" so far. The first went to Cairns Hospital in Australia and the second is at Walsgrave Hospital in Coventry. Like our mobile bin cleaning machines the static also recycles all of the water used in the bin cleaning process whilst filtering and cleansing it. The "Static Bin Washer" is also capable of lifting and cleaning either one or two domestic 240 litre bins at the same time or any larger commercial size bin.




Green Cleen North Brisbane is now servicing the Caboolture/Pine Rivers area of North Brisbane. Paul is the latest addition to the Green Cleen Team and he is ready to be of service to all in the area. To book your bin to be cleaned call Ph: 1300 550 523


Green Cleen is excited to have entered a new phase of growth with the release of its now Australian manufactured Duplex Bin Cleaning Equipment.

"By fitting our equipment now to the rear of utes with aluminium trays we are able to have more flexibility in our operational procedures for our franchisees" says Donna Groom Master Franchisor for Australia and New Zealand.

"We have also made some minor modifications to further enhance the overall safety of our bin cleaning procedures for both the operator and the public at large. Ensuring the highest levels of O H & S is a key factor in our success and professionalism" says Donna.

If you would like further information on our franchise opportuntity please call
1300 550 523


Green Cleen Head Office is pleased to announce the establishment of their manufacturing plant in Victoria.

"At last we are manufacturing our equpment in Australia" says Donna Groom, Master Franchisor of Australia and New Zealand.

"We have already completed our first unit and it is fully operational and we are excited to begin this new phase of our growth.

"Our equipment has undergone a few minor changes, the most notable one being that we are fixing our equipment onto the back of utes with aluminium trays. Once the equipment has been built, we then mount it onto the back of Toyota Hilux ute, sign write the vehicle and bin cleaning equipment, and then we ship the unit complete to our franchisee. This helps us to maintain quality control and ensure each franchisee is receiving the same quality product each and every time".


It has become an OH&S issue along with Work Cover issues to ensure your bins are kept clean to comply with the rules and regulations of local Councils and the Environment Protection Act 1970.

Council laws have changed and as of 1st September 2004 no bins or the bin area can emit any odours and the responsibility to clean bins or bin areas rests with the operators/owners of the commercial premises. IT IS NOT the responsibility of the service supplier.

The EPA has strict rules and guidelines on how to clean waste containers. Any polluted waters from attempting to clean out your bins that will enter the storm water drains or left to soak onto lawn areas impose a PENALTY FROM $24,000 on the spot.


  • Please ensure ALL waste is tied securely in garbage bags provided and DO NOT LET THEM BE OVERLOADED - empty your customer bins more regularly. This help to keep the bin area cleaner
  • DO NOT throw the tied bags of waste into your dumpster, place them into the dumpster to minimise splitting of bags.
  • Ensure your recycling dumpsters are not contaminated with food waste.
  • Ensure all your cardboard is crushed totally to get maximum benefit also helping tidiness of dumpster area.
  • If your bins are being used by other people make arrangements to have it locked.


• Salmonella, E Coli, Listeria and many more that actually start to grow within hours of discarding leftover food.

  • Tuberculosis & Weils Disease from rodents.


• Wash hands with an anti-bacterial solution after handling any type of rubbish

  • Wear Gloves at all times, DO NOT USE gloves to handle anything else after use

Regular cleaning/maintenance of your waste containers is now a MUST to protect you and your staff from germs and diseases found lurking in your waste containers. A safe working environment falls under the responsibility of "duty of care" of your employer.

September 25, 2006

Have you viewed Mosman Councils Draft Policy for Management of Waste in Public Places?

It was great to see that in Mosman Municipal Council's recently released draft policy on Management of Waste in Public Places; guidelines are clearly in place outlining how wheelie bins should be maintained in a clean and hygienic state for wheelie bins placed in a Public Place for both Commercial and Domestic wheelie bins.

In relation to Commercial premises the policy states in part:

(viii) "All waste must be containerised in a mobile garbage bin, maximum 1100 litres, with a permanently fixed, close fitting lid, smooth internal washable surface, be fully in tact, be free of stains, odours and debris, and in full working order with no cracks, missing wheels, lids or pins"

In their Advisory Notes section it states:

"All individual commercial waste generators are responsible for the handling and storage of waste generated in their premises to meet public health, safety and environmental requirements"

"The container must not be used to store hazardous, liquid, or clinical waste, it must be vermin proof, and be cleaned on a regular basis or as directed by an Authorised Officer without causing stormwater pollution"

In relation to Residential/Domestic premises the policy states in part:

(ix) "The resident is responsible for the cleanliness of their waste and recycling storage containers. These must be free of stains, odours and debris, and in full working order with no cracks, missing wheels, lids or pins...."

Green Cleen looks forward to seeing how well this Policy is policed by Council and their Authorised Officers and to how Council themselves respond to this Policy with their own Public Place bins.

Green Cleen welcomes such a Policy with clear guidelines, as wheelie bins are a known source and breeding ground for many harmful bacteria.

If your wheelie bin is "on the nose" it's too late! - it already is a breeding ground for many harmful bacteria. You need Green Cleen to give your wheelie bin a makeover and make it clean and hygienic again!!

August 25, 2006

Green Cleen The Wheelie Bin Cleaners Expansion Continues Internationally

Green Cleen The Wheelie Bin Cleaners continues their expansion Internationally with the establishment of Green Cleen CYPRUS.

Our continued growth is attributed to our Wheelie Bin Cleaning equipment that are made by Green Cleen themselves at their Headquarters in Stafford and the fact that they completely recycle all the water used in the Wheelie Bin cleaning process which does not require any manual lifting (our oil based hydraulics are so reliable we have not repaired one in nine years of using the bin cleaners). The "Green Cleen Duplex Wheelie Bin Cleaner" can clean two domestic bins at once or a commercial four wheeled bin. The Wheelie Bin Cleaning Equipment is carried on a manoeuvrable pick-up style vehicle. These wheelie bin cleaners are the originals (but updated regularly) and are not cheap copies of other peoples.

This is supported by a proven business system (tested over ten years) and a world leading Computer Software package for running the business that is both time effective and easy to use (we believe to be the only one available)

Green Cleen are proud of their development, complying with all guidelines and legislation laid down by the various authorities and being accepted for membership of "The Chartered Institution of Wastes Management", Five star members of the "Green Organisation" (having won two Green Apple Awards for best environmental practice), Members of the "British Franchise Association", "The National Association of Wheeled Bin Washers", "The British Institute of Cleaning Science" as well as their vehicles being "Water Regulatory Advisory Service (WRAS)" approved and "CE" marked for European Health and Safety purposes.

June13, 2006


Green Cleen, The Wheelie Bin Cleaners is expanding with the addition of another franchisee to their Team.

Bruce and Kathryn Holloway and David Collins of Green Cleen Manly will be servicing the Manly area and surrounding suburbs.

They were so impressed with Green Cleen, this is their second Green Cleen franchise. They have been operating Green Cleen Mosman since November 2005 and in this short time have seen the potential of bin cleaning as a fantastic business venture.

"We always believed that wheelie bin cleaning had enormous potential and we haven't been disappointed since we launched our first franchise in December 2005 says Bruce".

"Our goal has always been to secure another area, but we didn't think we would be able to so early into our new business venture. We are extremely pleased with our decision to choose Green Cleen as our preferred franchise "partner". The equipment makes this business almost effortless and highly profitable. It certainly lives up to its reputation."

We warmly welcome Bruce, Kathryn and David to the Team again and they will be operational in Manly at the beginning of June.

If you would like more information about becoming a Green Cleen franchisee, Free Call us now on 1300 550 523.

May 11 th, 2006


What is stormwater?

Stormwater is rainwater that flows over outside surfaces into gutters and stormwater drains in the street. Unlike the sewerage system wastewater, this eater is not treated and flows directly to our creeks, rivers, groundwaters and oceans. Stormwater should only contain clean rain water and no pollutants.

The Environment Protection( Water Quality) Policy 2003 requires that any person undertakes activities that ensures stormwater is protected from pollutants such as organic or inorganic rubbish, residual chemicals, and chlorine from mains water.

Are you cleaning or instructing a person to clean bins that causes stormwater pollution? If so, you are polluting our beautiful waterways and are guilty of an offence that if caught, you risk being fined. If you are, as an example, a Strata Management Company and you instruct the cleaner to clean the bins in a way that creates stormwater pollution you the Company are just as liable.

What legislation governs stormwater pollution?

The stormwater system is protected by a number of different laws including the Environment Protection Act 1993(the Act), the Environment Protection (Water Quality) Policy 2003 the Water Quality Policy), the Local Government Act 1993 and the Public and Environmental Health Act 1987.

The Water Quality Policy has general obligations with which every person, business, and industry must comply, as well as specific obligations for particular activities. Failure to comply with any of these obligations may result in a $300 fine, Environmental Protection Order, and /or prosecution.

Clause 17 of the Water Quality Policy states that a person must not discharge or deposit a pollutant listed in Schedule4 of the Policy into any waters or onto land where it might enter any waters. The pollutants listed in Schedule 4 that relate to bin cleaning activities include:

  • cleaning agents
  • detergents and their by products
  • putrescibles waste ( e.g. food scraps)
  • rubbish

Identifying potential pollution problems.


The cleaning of wheelie bins produces two broad types of wastes:

  • Solids - typically including paper, garden refuse, food product wastes, sediment (organic and inorganic) animal and bird faeces, and general rubbish like plastic bags.
  • Wastewater- including residual chemicals, materials removed from the target surfaces, and mains water containing chemicals such as chlorine.

Both solids and wastewater can enter stormwater systems if they are not disposed of in an appropriate way.

What can you do to prevent stormwater pollution?

Engage the services of Green Cleen, The Wheelie Bin Cleaners - we meet all legislative regulations.

Our purpose built mobile wheelie bin cleaning equipment is celebrating this year,10 years of protecting stormwater systems from wastewater pollution by offering our professional wheelie bin cleaning services to the public. Our Commercial Trade Waste Water Permit allows us to legally dispose of the waste water into the sewer system.

We capture all waste water used in the wheelie bin cleaning process and we also recycle and filter the water throughout the day.

Don't risk polluting our water ways by not caring how the wheelie bins will be cleaned. Just because the wheelie bins are kept out of sight, doesn't mean we have the right not to care about how the wheelie bins are being cleaned.

April 28 2006

Sadly most of us have the mentality that out of mind is out of sight. Just because we can't see our wheelie bin, doesn't mean that it is not a breeding ground for germs and bacteria.

By the time we do notice our wheelie bin - IT SMELLS - germs and bacteria have taken over our wheelie bin and now our wheelie bin is a health hazard.

Garbage can be a breeding source for disease. Bacteria can multiply very rapidly given the right conditions. In a 24hr period a single germ can multiply 281 trillion times! Now that's a lot of germs! With all these potential pathogens we add flies-rats-mice and cockroaches as a distribution system for the germs and so the challenge begins....dirty smelly wheelie bins!

Most of the germs that can be found in decaying food stuffs and other discarded organic matters can be found in the wheelie bin. These include bacteria that can cause food poisoning such as Escherichia Coli, Listeria monocytogenes and Campylobacter jejuni.

Flies are known carriers of germs and diseases including intestinal worms and gastroenteritis. In hot weather it takes just a few hours for the eggs to develop into maggots and under 2 weeks to pupate into flies.

A whiff of rotting food when you lift the bin lid can make you ill. Research from the University of Stuggart found that week old rubbish can contain the bacteria that trigger allergic reactions such as asthma. SO......


So it's the old adage "Prevention is better than cure". By properly maintaining your wheelie bin, by having it regularly cleaned by Green Cleen, The Wheelie Bin Cleaners, ensures that your wheelie bin receives a welcome "makeover" every 4 weeks.

When your wheelie bin is professionally cleaned by Green Cleen, your wheelie bin is cleaned inside and out, dried, sprayed with a sanitiser/deodoriser, all the waste water is captured and no mess is left behind. In fact the only way you will know we have been is that we will have left your wheelie bin "smelling like roses"!

So by regularly having your wheelie bin cleaned every 4 weeks you're maintaining the hygiene of your wheelie bin at an increased level and decreasing the chances of your wheelie bin being a source of germs and bacteria. Just because your wheelie bin doesn't smell, doesn't mean that it isn't dirty.

Green Cleen is passionate about providing a simple, yet professional solution to clean up our dirty smelly wheelie bins!

We are also passionate in knowing that we our helping our environment by recycling all the water we carry, saving thousands of litres of water per week and that all our waste water is legally disposed of at an authorised drop off point.


The streets of Mosman and surrounding suburbs are "wheelie" being cleaned up thanks to the efforts of our latest Franchisee.
Green Cleen Mosman are now in full operation, having completed their professional training in both operation of equipment, sales and marketing techniques and a thorough training of the exclusive Green Cleen Bin Cleaning Computer Software Scheduler . We are so excited to have them on the team.

Green Cleen Mosman say "We are looking forward to the opportunity that lies ahead being a Green Cleen Franchisee. After researching various business opportunities we came across the Green Cleen Wheelie Bin Cleaning Franchise. We were so impressed with the concept of bin cleaning and equally impressed with Green Cleen as a company and their unqiue bin cleaning equipment. We reaserached other bin cleaning franchises and made the decision to purchase a Green Cleen franchise as a result of their superior equipment. Our equipment allows us greater efficiency as we clean two 240 litre bins at the same time and the compact unit is great for manoeuvrability and we can clean bins in almost any location. We have been fully operational for the past three months and cleaning bins the Green Cleen way. We are extremely happy with our choice of franchise and certainly made the right decision with Green Cleen"

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